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N.S.X.S.C it's ready

NSXSC is ready to enter in Nühn Records for many time since this first littke step on September. His looking to enter onto the Hypnus side of the label, getting form to create a new hipnotic version. Hypnus was the beginning for many hipnotic riders and  Techno soldiers. Nicolas has the touch this time after Arjen did "Oneiron" for us. Julio Gutiérrez as founder of Nühn open the door for NSXSC hits with an new album this autumn ending summer. let's give a memorable welcome to him from now.

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Nühn was founded in a July 31 of 2013 and long career since 2001. First experimenting and working to get optimus level and without releasing much stuff, only in the hard drive for the first 8 years at the controls - wanted to express mediately audio experimentation the function of the frequencies that evolve the electronic music. This has mathematician aspect on the employment of sound. Recreation of drums synthesis figured like real band members. Tracks expressing the vertiginous fact that drums could sound in a computer sequential works. Electroacoustic music computered by several machines, (software plus hardware). The mathematician process of constructing beats from zero to another elevate value. Titled ironically to show how nowadays electronic music could have audio imagination. Analysis of noise component on alternative processed mix set. Study onto high and low fragments from pure vibes emerging obscured frequency-panorama. Back to noise works from (2012-forward) evocating chaos. Experimental Techno mixes version as Nühn Dj works. Nühn emerges from the deep nocturne years between 2012 and 2018, were 5 years producing and composing during those nights. Releasing his music in a variety of labels around the globe. The nights from Barcelona those years and those people could enjoyed his sound. Concerts in theatres, clubs and festivals in Catalonia. Nowadays still stay some of that dust in the night. In archived press on... { DjMag_ } as "Productively coherent and in romance with his passion in music"

Now as complementary unity becomed a company being promoter and manager for those artists making innovation in the art of music at the end of this decade of 20s for the next future. Unified in corporation with excellent partners and reasonable workers, artists, collaborator, managers and founder Julio Gutiérrez. Services for customers, afiliaters, promoters and all responsible employers of differents collaborators. Nühn creating the company music label: "is something like was oldschool labels dealing with a general job in music industry".



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